My approach to flower photography lies in recognising that flowers are works of art in their own right. Hard to improve on perfection. I try for the most part to keep the image representational while presenting the bloom to artistic advantage as much as my vision and skill allows. Love the abstracts too and want to do more of them.

Including: Ixia, Green Arum Lily, Leucospernum, Angel's Fishing Rods, Agapanthus, Bottlebrush, Johnny Jump-up, Marlborough Rock Daisy, Azalea,Datura,Echinacea,Arum Lily, sheoak, banana leaf.

Choosing a top six or a top 10 is an impossible job. Look again later and I'll likely have changed them. Most of these flower pictures currently please me for one or other reason. I see their good points and their not so good. There's always a better shot out there. ~Susan.