Belinda's Dream rose
Bayse 1988, Medium Pink Shrub, raspberry fragrance, File#D3989


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Belinda's Dream rose

I had heard much about the Belinda's Dream shrub rose - a bloom machine without peer went the reports - so when the local nursery had it available in their midsummer sale a couple of years ago, I bought two. One is planted in the main 6a garden, and the other outside the fence where it is subjected to the coldest temperatures and the most brutal wind my gardens offer.

After two winters in the ground, I would put the hardiness of an unprotected Belinda's Dream rose at 6a, barely. The plant in the colder location is smaller, and slow to start flowering. But once going, it pretty much catches up with the more protected plant. My plants are now about 3 ft tall and wide. Based on other information, and on the gradual build up I am seeing, I expect them to eventually be quite a bit larger.

I have actually heard complaints that Belinda's Dream blooms too much. I'm not sure what that's about! I love the bloom color, and the near perfect form, and could not be more delighted to have this plant producing all the flowers it likes. If it means some deadheading attention, well I can certainly manage that!

Belinda's Dream rose cluster

Belinda's Dream File#d7478

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