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The license fee for use of our work varies according to the intended use.
Please email us for a quotation with information which should include:

Type of Use; eg, Editorial/Advertising/Personal/Corporate/Webpage/ prints
Type of publication:
Name of publication if applicable:
Number of print copies and/or circulation if applicable;
Display size and position:
Rights required (geographic distribution area )
URL for any proposed web site use.
Site statistics


Once a price has been agreed, we require:

Confirmation of order by email which should include
The name and file number of the photograph(s) required.
The URL of the website where the photograph will be displayed if applicable.
Your name, address and contact details:

Payments to our Paypal account:

click logo below to access our paypal account

On receipt of the confirmation or payment email from Paypal, we will email a copy of the nominated file, sized as required, to the email address you nominate.

**Note**Licenses to use our photographs are available under the following terms and conditions.

Our licenses cover use of the photograph for the specific stated use only and may not be further reproduced altered, distributed or used in any other way. In all instances we retain ownership and copyright of the photograph.

We require: Clear acknowledgement of our copyright on the site or print copy where the photograph(s) is displayed. This to read: Copyright © justourpictures.com


Licenses to use our pictures on websites start at $US35 per image when used on a website with no commercial intent or content. Fee for use of our photographs on a commercial site start at $US75 per image. These licenses cover the first two years of use and are renewable and re-negotiable should the photograph(s) still be required after that. Photographs so licensed, may not be distributed or copied in any medium without further negotiation, but may be displayed more than once on the nominated website. (The two year license period will start on receipt of your confirmation email.)

Note* The web site shots have been down sized for screen viewing and will not print well. Once licensed, we can provide high resolution copies if required, by email or web download. CD delivery is an option, but will incur a post and packaging fee.

 All images sold will of course be free of WATERMARKS.

Please enquire also about our stock of rose pictures not currently up on our site (Currently includes over 1000 named roses.)

The Justourpictures.com site and all photography are Copyright © 2006 Susan and Regina. All rights reserved. Any use of any of our pictures requires prior consent from the photographers.

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