Complicata rose
Rosa gallica Complicata, before 1800, Gallica, Deep pink with white center and lighter reverse, large single blooms. File#DC0324


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Complicata rose

The Gallica rose Complicata has always amused me with the irony of its name. This is a rose with simple looking,single blooms, and thus appears as uncomplicated in form as a rose can be. Brent Dickerson's 'Old Rose Adventurer" suggests it might be a hybrid of R. canina or of R. macrantha. It seems to have appeared some time before 1800. Beyond that, nothing much seems to be known.

Complicata forms a big plant bearing large single blooms which flutter in the wind. It was particularly appealing growing in the Sacramento Old City Cemetery where it stands in lovely contrast to the marble stones which surround it. Because of its open form, it blends with the view instead of obscuring it.

Complicata rose bush

Pictured at the Sacramento Old City Cemetery

Complicata rose bush, File#dc0325

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