Crowd Pleaser rose
Hybrid Kordesii. Varietal name WEKchrisg, Deep pink hybrid tea
Greenwood 2000. Sport of Lynn Anderson. Taken by: Christine


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Crowd Pleaser rose
Crowd Pleaser rose; File#:0275

The more I write about my roses, the more I realize that I have way too many favorites, but the Crowd Pleaser rose is one of my absolute favorites - really! What endears me to this rose, above all others, is the dependable and unusual growth form of the plant. Crowd Pleaser grows exceptionally tall and loaded with bloom. A mature plant has stiff, heavy canes which form a fan about eight feet wide, seven to eight feet tall, and more, and all those canes have plenty of colorful, long-lasting bloom.

After many years of outstanding performance from my original plant, I have planted two more Crowd Pleasers against a six foot fence that would give better privacy at eight feet. I fully trust this rose to act as a summertime fence extension with the bonus of flowers for the enjoyment of those on both sides.

Crowd Pleaser rose bush
Crowd Pleaser rose bushes and a mad mix of others. Regina's High Rock rose garden Reno NV 2006.File#2921

At the left edge of the photo is a mad mix of plants - Jeanne LaJoie then Escapade with Thisbe below and Elmshorn and Honor behind, and Excellenz von Schubert. In the center of the photo, the large pink rose bush is the stellar Crowd Pleaser (sport of Lynn Anderson), then Lady of the Dawn dwarfed by, and merging into, New Dawn. Above Lady of the Dawn are the deeply coloured blooms of Othello. Crowd Pleaser blooms long and well - long lasting blooms for the house, and the plant carries color when all else is sleeping through summer. foreground - Calendula, Mexican primrose and lavendar

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