Diablo rose
Orange red single shrub rose. Introduced from the Netherlands, pre 2005, File#d2938


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Diablo rose

Diablo is an unusual shrub rose imported from The Netherlands by Cliff Orent of EuroDesert Roses. Its color and health in my garden has been truly outstanding. Though not much information is available on its size, after less than a year in the ground here, it is forming a low, sprawling plant three and a half feet in diameter and a foot tall. It's hard to know how it will mature, but I suspect a path blocker with this one.

Diablo rose blooms are a deep, pure red-orange, with the single petals surrounding an exceptional eye of golden stamens. This rose positively lights up its corner of the garden - quite an accomplishment for such a young plant.

Diablo rose cluster

Diablo, File# D3390

~ Photography and comment from Christine, Reno, NV 2009 ~

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