Grand Prize rose
JACbeau, Zary 1986, Floribunda,
white and yellow, continuous bloom, File#d1412


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Grand Prize rose

Grand Prize rose

The Floribunda rose Grand Prize happened to snag a bit of a prized location - right by a Gazebo corner where a table tucks in beside it. Nestled into the opposite side of that corner is a Betty Corning clematis with it's fine light stems and graceful lavender bells. In my garden, this is a small, urn-shaped plant, barely 3 feet tall, and inclined to stay at this size.

This is a spot one notices often, so the plants here need to be special. Grand Prize succeeds in that by producing creamy, semi-double flowers. In bud it is apricot to yellow, and the newly opened blooms tone to a creamy apricot. This produces a pleasing succession of flower forms and shadings. While the opening buds are prettiest, the finish is nice also - an asset for a featured rose. One of my favorite things about this plant is that new growth appears just as soon as the petals drop. By the time one deadheads, the next cycle of bloom is typically well underway.

All in all, a very nice plant in my garden, and a very worthy recipient of a prized location.

Grand Prize rose bush

Grand Prize rose bush, File# D1411

~ Photography and comment from Christine, Reno, NV 2009 ~

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