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Help Me Find Roses

A Rose Database
rose database with pictures

Everything roses
Excellent old rose site.
OGR's and Beyond
Paul Barden's Roses

source the rose you are looking for
Find My Roses.Com

Heritage Roses
New Zealand Inc

New Zealand
Rose Society

American Rose Society

Ann & Lloyd Chapman's Rose Nursery. NZ source for some of the roses on site
Trinity Farm
Otaki NZ

New Zealand

Rose File

San Jose Heritage

Rose Garden

Moosey's Country Garden

South Island NZ

Baldo Villegas

Bugs and Roses

Elko County

Rose Garden

Mack Stephenson's

Socorro Roses

Daphne Filiberti's

Rose Gathering

Phillip Oliver

His Southern Garden

Bob Bauer's roses

in Salt Lake City

nice rose pictures
Elizabeth Trent's

Alabama Roses
Horst Hilscher's Roses

in Germany

History of Old Roses
with Photographs

New Zealand travelogue

South Island NZ 2000

New Zealand scenery
California Desert

Christine's Desert Pictures

California Desert travelogue

Paul's KiwiBoomers
Online magazine
for Baby Boomers

Some publications containing our rose images

check out this cover!
Rose Companions

Stephen Scanniello
Growing Roses Organically

Barbara Wilde
includes a number of  our rose pictures
Yate's roses

Roger Mann

Taylor's Guide to Roses

Graphique de France rose calendar
Graphique de France
Roses Calendar 2007

The Fairy and Bonica Better Homes and Gardens
New Garden Book 2005
check out the 'rose' entry - Matawhero Magic World Book The Fairy, Pleasure, Safrano Ortho, All about Roses 2007 See our Blackberry Nip Practical Horticulture

This guy Paul Starosta, nature photographer, sets the standard. Check out his rose images

Last updated April 2008

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