Lavaglut rose
KORlech 1978, Dark red floribunda,
mild fragrance.


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Lavaglut rose

Lavaglut File# I_8274

The Lavaglut rose is an exemplary little plant. It forms a beautifully rounded bush about 3 1/2 ft tall and wide, which bears large bouquets of smallish, dark red blooms. The neatness of the plant form and the dependably moderate size of the bush make it an ideal landscape plant which will not outgrow its placement.

Lavaglut is rather late starting up, but once underway, it is a most dependable source of unfading color. The blooms are initially slightly cupped, and open to two inches wide, lasting almost longer than seems possible. The first flush of bloom is most pleasing, but over time more and more of these deeply colored, very long-lasting bouquets will adorn the plant.

garden gate

Santa Claus and Lavaglut at the back gate. File# D3505

I have used Lavaglut to flank one side of an important garden entry gate with the similarly colored miniature rose Santa Claus on the opposite side. Both of these roses maintain their form and color, though Lavaglut is slightly better on both counts. Neither will block the pathway. Together, they lead the visitor into the main garden with drama and flair. I believe that Lavaglut would also make a superior hedging rose. It is a most dependable and pleasing rose which has garnered many admirers. I count myself most definitely among them

~ Photography and comment from Christine, Reno, NV 2009 ~

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