Le Pactole

'Le Pactole' with 'Cecile Brunner'
Class: Tea ; Miellez 1845
File# P4280004, Photographer: Regina

Barbara Oliva thinks there are two plants of 'Le Pactole' shown here and says "Fred Boutin collected plants from different places, and planted all in case there were different cultivars. In this case, I think it's all the same cultivar - Impossible to prune - I take a hedge trimmer to it now and then."

Evidently, Le Pactole (The river Pactole) was supposed to be the river in which King Midas washed away the curse of the golden touch. And, like Lamarque,( a parent) 'Le Pactole' DOES have that pale lemon/gold center.

Pictured at the Sacramento Historic Rose Garden, April 2002
more roses from the Sacramento Old City Cemetery 

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