JACboupu, Zary 2008, Floribunda, Blooms in flushes, pink blend.
Photographer: Christine, 2010

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Lovestruck Rose  File#D8422. Photographer: Christine Lovestruck Rose  File#D7892. Photographer: Christine Lovestruck Rose  File#D7311. Photographer: Christine Olaf at gate  File#D1596. Photographer: Christine
Lovestruck is what he was, that three-legged dog of mine. No matter how ill or exhausted, his eyes stayed on me, When I moved, he followed.

Other dogs who have died, I have left in boxes, for years, packed in some spot or room I knew was a favorite. That was not possible for Olaf; there could be no box on a shelf for him.

And so, when he died in late August 2009, all the dog boxes came out. All the ashes were divided up and went in the earth or on the wind.

In the garden certain roses were selected or selected themselves for certain dogs. With Lovestruck the rose elected itself - this intense, heavily flowering floribunda with its intoxicating shades of deep pink and cream is a vivid memorial to a dog who never forgot his devotion. I will love you forever my boy. Always in my heart.

In memory of a Lovestruck dog
In memory of a Lovestruck dog