Morden Blush rose
Collicutt 1988,Parkland Series,light pink shrub,ruffled bloom, File#_D2850


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Morden Blush rose

The hardy Canadian rose Morden Blush is a rather shy plant in my garden standing about 4 feet tall and around 2 1/2 feet across. Part of this impression comes from the blooms which are on the small side, and a quiet color. But mostly this comes from its being surrounded by some fairly stunning mixed-pastel neighbors. With Pretty Lady on one side, and Colette and Charles Aznavour on the other, it is easy to see why it is not a plant one really notices.

The Morden Blush rose starts blooming early and reblooms nicely throughout the season. When fall arrives, it heeds the signal promptly and starts into dormancy, leaves turning color and then dropping. This characteristic gives it the ability to shrug off some very cold temperatures, a strength belied by its delicate appearance. The 6b garden where I have it planted is no challenge at all to this little survivor.

The blooms on Morden Blush, though quite pretty, don't last particularly well. It is certainly a pleasing plant, but is not an especially exciting one. Probably it would show off far better if given a different spot - one where it is not overshadowed by such large and dramatic neighbors.

Morden Blush roses

Morden Blush roses. File#D7724

~ Photography from Christine, Reno, NV 2009 ~

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