Morden Sunrise rose
Morden Sunrise rose
File# D5980

Davidson and Collicutt 1999. Canada. Very Hardy. Yellow blend. Semi Double. Marketed as part of Parkland (Morden) Series. Although heralded as the only 'yellow' Morden, our photos and experience with it in Reno show it as a peachy/apricot rose with a yellow center.

I don't generally try to assess a plant until I've grown it awhile, but I'll make an exception for Morden Sunrise. Based on very positive comments I had read, I picked up three last year at the mid-summer sales. They have been planted in three very different locations, and in each case, the developing plant looks like a winner.

Being a Morden suggests that it will be extremely hardy. It is also dealing well with my dry, hot summers. The first flush came early and was delicate and beautiful. The blooms are simple and a bit frilly, opening with a non-jarring orange tone and quickly shading to coral, pink, yellow and cream. I find it to be a rose which should be viewed up close for full effect, and since it is supposed to stay fairly small, I have planted one right by an often used gate. So far, that has been a perfect location.

The first flush was long lasting and was especially prized as it was a bit ahead of most others in my garden. It then entered a period where it mostly rested but has resumed blooming well in mid-summer. First year in the ground behavior does not always predict later performance, but at this point I am most happy with the pleasures of Morden Sunrise
Photo and comment - Christine, Reno NV. 2008

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