Paul Ecke Jr rose
Paul Ecke Jr rose

Varietal Name: Wekpascisou. Carruth 2004. Red/Orange with wide smoky edge. Not fragrant. Shrub. Small single blooms, blooms in large clusters. Parentage: Seed: Playboy Altissimo Pollen Santa Claus (International Herald Tribune Rosa soulieana Crepin)

Paul Ecke Jr. is a most unusual rose which seems able to perform the remarkable trick pleasing the eye of Orange Rose Haters. It bears large clusters of single blooms of a deep, smoky burnt orange with a purple undertone. When a passionate orange hater proclaims it the loveliest rose in one's garden, you know it is working some kind of truly special magic.

After one year in the ground, my Paul Ecke Jr rose plant is just over four feet tall and three and half feet wide. Its rich smoky blooms are flanked by the golden tones of two Autumn Sunsets, and its remarkable color further complemented by the pastel tones of Tamora and Gruss an Aachen planted in front of the taller roses.

I feel extremely fortunate to have this rose - it was a gift from a rosarian friend in Southern California who had bought up several when she heard that it was to be dropped from commerce. I treasure it for many things - for its beauty, for its rarity, and especially as it always reminds me of this equally lovely and rare friend.

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