Red Ribbons rose,
aka Canterbury; Chilterns; Fiery Sensation;groundcover shrub, Kordes 1990; medium red
File# PA150005, Photographer: Christine



Comment on the rose Red Ribbons from Christine.

Red Ribbons is quite a good plant here in Reno NV - it blooms early, and then blooms on and on throughout the season in a good clear red. I have two plants - one with quite a lot of shade and one in full sun. In my experience, it is the rare rose that doesn't mind some shade, and might actually look better with it. The red glows in a compelling way when viewed from the shade toward the sun - and it is absolutely never out of bloom. Red Ribbons in the sun also performs well. A very adaptable cultivar.

The growth habit is different in these two sites - the exposed plant is just under three feet tall and five feet across , so far. The shaded plant is now three plants as it tip roots readily. It is over five feet tall, and since it is now multiple plants, the width is always expanding - maybe seven feet at this time.

Red Ribbons is also well armed. The shaded plant was allowed to grow on a few years unattended, by which time it had accumulated dead canes down low. Whittling out this undergrowth was a long and bloody process. Though one at first assumes the rose Red Ribbons was named for its compelling clear red blooms, in truth I think the name describes what one's body looks like after crawling around underneath it.

Be sure the ground you plant it in is very well weeded first. Though it is called a "ground cover rose", and though that might describe its habit when grown in the sun, any hard to deal with weeds which come up underneath will seriously try your patience and your unarmored skin.

Another cluster of Red Ribbons, File# K3669

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