Topsy Turvy rose
WEKcocbeb; Floribunda; Scarlet with white reverse
Floribunda; Carruth 2005; File#D3989


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Topsy Turvy rose

The floribunda Topsy Turvy is a colorful and fast repeating rose which brings a welcome splash of brightness to the garden. From a distance it appears a darkish orange, but close up one sees a rich mix of tones, from the scarlet-red of the inner petals, softened by the white reverse in the opening blooms. This delightful toning lures the viewer to walk in for a closer look. A rose which just keeps throwing out new blooms is an asset in the garden. When it does so in such an enticing manner, so much the better.

Topsy Turvy rose upsidedown

And a shot of an upside down Topsy Turvey cluster which seems entirely appropriate given its name. The rose has a tendency to droop in this manner. The white reverse is seen here to good effect. ( file#8495)

~ Photography and comment from Christine, Reno, NV 2009 ~

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