Walferdange rose
LENwal, Lens 1922, deep pink Hybrid Musk. Strong fragrance.


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Walferdange rose

Walferdange rose File#_D3996

The Walferdange rose is a small plant with blooms that pack a big punch. I have had this Louis Lens Hybrid Musk in the ground only 9 months, so it will get larger than its current size - just under 2 feet tall and 2 1/2 feet wide. The blooms form in small bouquets in a rich mid-toned pink and very gradually lighten, and they look just as attractive in these aged shades as they do when they first open. In fact, two weeks opened blooms might even be more appealing than the fresh ones.

Eventually they begin to get a bit browned, enough so to prompt their removal, but by this time, new blooms have opened and even more buds are nearly ready. This ability to bloom continuously seems to be a characteristic of many of my Lens Hybrid Musks (including Bouquet Parfait, Bukavu, and Vif Eclat), but Walferdange has been the best of a very good bunch. The amount of bloom is greater, and the color changes are especially pleasing.

If this is what this little plant can do in such a short time, I look forward with great pleasure to seeing what it will bring in future seasons.

Walferdange roses

Walferdange roses. File#d-3995

~ Photography from Christine, Reno, NV 2009 ~

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