Welcome Home Rose
Varietal Name:JACsumio. Zary 2007. Light yellow with apricot toned centers. Hybrid Tea. Tall habit.


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Welcome Home rose
Welcome Home rose

I love this rose! I like yellows anyway, and Welcome Home has more depth of tone than most. My plant is one year in the ground and is already four feet tall and about three and a half feet wide. Along with the wonderful good health of the plant comes an outstanding quantity of blooms. The newly opened buds have an apricot toned center set in golden yellow surrounded by unfurled petals of a creamy golden color. The result is a bloom with an exceptional richness of tone in a basically creamy pastel flower.

The name Welcome Home suggests that it might be planted near a front door. This is a placement which would bring much pleasure - indeed, to be greeted by so many lovely flowers each time one arrived home would be an absolute delight! One qualifier however - I would not waste this plant on a position which doesn't get adequate sun. My exceptional performance is happening in a hot, all afternoon sun location. In my experience, a plant which responds this well to heat will have little appreciation for shade.

So far this one is a definite winner in my garden.

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