Abbaye de Cluny rose
MEPbrinpray, Meilland 1995, orange/apricot, hybrid tea


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Abbaye de Cluny rose

Abbaye de Cluny rose, File# d4848

The Abbaye de Cluny rose is a variety which seems to be quite happy in my desert garden. I planted this Hybrid Tea/Romantica just two years ago, and it was a star in its first summer, with the blooms opening beautifully and lasted amazingly well in the summer heat.

This year was quite different - early summer 2009 had cooler than usual temperatures and quite a bit of rain which, for most of my roses, was a blessing, allowing them a long, mild period of growth and bloom. Abbaye de Cluny, however, did not appreciate this at all, and its generous initial flush of blooms did not open properly. Instead there were browned edges, and balling.

Now that our dry heat has resumed, the mid-July blooms are opening nicely, though it is largely between flushes. My young plant is currently 3 1/2 feet tall and wide, and is growing in a pleasing, even vase shape, with good foliage top to bottom.

I have heard the Abbaye de Cluny rose proposed as an alternate selection for Just Joey - its seed parent - in climates where the incomparable Just Joey is not hardy. While their color is similar, their form is not, and they seem to like quite different conditions. Just Joey had a magnificent first flush this year, and has continued to bloom very well as the heat has increased. Since my Just Joey is a mature plant, with seven years in the ground, further comparisons will have to wait while Abbaye de Cluny catches up. But at this time, I believe that both plants are wonderful garden plants in my climate.

Abbaye de Cluny rose bush

Abbaye de Cluny rose bush .
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File# d4003

Abbaye de Cluny rose with snow

Abbaye de Cluny rose with snow
File# d7823

Icy Abbaye de Cluny rose.

Icy Abbaye de Cluny rose File#D1381
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