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Finally we've grouped together our gallery of pictures of gardens, garden vistas, and garden features, for easier viewing and help with landscaping design and ideas. These garden pictures are taken in a variety of gardens, at home and on our travels. Watch this space -we are constantly updating. See the series of cottage garden pictures taken in Australia, November 2007.

Cottage Gardens

A series of cute cottage
rose gardens in Australia

Roses for sale in a Parisian Street

Oklahoma rose

with other large shrubs

Korona rose on a pillar

roses around cottage door
Abraham-Darby-rose bush

Roses in Amsterdam

More Cottages

Four more Australian
cottage gardens

Souv Mme Leonie Viennot bush

Dainty Bess bush in garden

Display Garden at the SJHRG 2008

Roses in Hyde Park London

Boy Dolphin statue.

Hamburger Phoenix

Abbaye de Cluny

with comment

Crowd Pleaser plant

with commentary

Garden Path with Moss Rose

Clematis framing roses on gazebo


Nancy Steen white garden


Display of pastel rose bushes 07


Priscilla Burton Bush

with commentary

Aglaia bush

Celine Forestier bush


Clair Matin on fence


Rose Garden 2006


with delphiniums

Formal Rose Garden

Full Sail

garden picture

Graham Thomas bush

garden picture

The Bishop


Dublin Bay

on three sides of a trellis

William Baffin


Souvenir de Claudius Denoyel

Hybrid Tea

Jeanne Lajoie


from L'Haye les Roses


Nevada bush

R.foetida bicolor
with R foetida


R. banksia lutea bush

Strawberry Ice rose bed

from Susan's Garden

Gypsy Dancer

Honey Favorite

Modern roses at the SJHRG


Norwich Castle


from Christine's garden 2003


from Christine's garden 2003


from Christine's garden 2002


Rose border garden

Roses through gazebo
with new Dawn on the garden Arch
Othello and companions

with New Dawn on the garden Arch

French Lace

with SH and foxgloves

Chanelle Rosebeds


Nancy Steen Garden


Utersen rose on fence

Nancy Steen Garden


Nancy Steen Garden


Crepuscle bush


Ghislaine de Feligonde bushes

with Phantom


Hybrid Musk

Moon Shadow bush

multi pics and comment

Happy Hour

Lace Cascade and
Singin' in the Rain

John Cabot

more pics and article

Nancy Steen


Cardinal Hume

Pics and commentary

Gene Boerner

multi pics and comment

Rose bushes on the rampage

Black Boy bush

at the ARBG

Rose Garden in front yard

maybe not
Harison's yellow rose