Rose Garden

Rose Garden Spring 2006
File#:N5158; Photographer: Regina

Ribbon of Lavender garden area: back - Opening Night, Blueberry Hill, Barbra Streisand, Tradescent, Taboo, French Lace

middle - This yellow columbine must have been used in the breeding of the delicate pastel columbine hybrids. It has appeared on its own in the rose garden and is a strong successful plant - sometimes a bit too successful. Must be aggressively thinned.

Roses: Spellcaster, come back from the dead, lovely plant; Gardens of the World - hates the all day sun in this spot, plant is strong but blooms never look lush; Winsome - one of those non-mini minis, great plant here.

front - Mexican Primrose - invasive. I don't care how pretty it is, should be avoided around roses. I've used Lambs Ear as a boundary to thwart its spread; works pretty well. Sterile clone of Lambs Ear, Calendula, Euphorbia myrsinnites and a fall blooming aster are between Gardens of the World and Winsome.

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