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Here's to the Dublin Bay rose

Our pictures of this trusty red rose.


Dublin Bay rose. Class:Small climber Bred by Sam McGredy IV
Varietal name: MACdub
Good Rose!

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Dublin Bay rose on a trellis
Dublin Bay rose File#1861

Dublin Bay rose, a large shrub or small climbing red rose of which the breeder can justifably be proud. Although it has a tendency to lose its leaves to fungal diseases in humid climates, it blooms on and on regardless and is forgiven. The trellis above has a Dublin Bay rose on each of three faces. It seemed to do equally well on each aspect.

Dublin Bay #&0721  

Dublin Bay #0721b  

The first of these pictures from left was a 'Gotcha' moment for me. Until then Dublin Bay had proved a hard rose to photograph. Early digital cameras we tried produced blobs of over-saturated reds, or if the red was okay, the green was not. This shot, taken with a late model Nikon, got it right. I got over excited with finally having a camera that could 'get the reds' and spent some time playing with the shot. The shot on the right with the black background is the result.

Bred from Altissimo and Bantry Bay

Dublin Bay rose bush #1517  

Dublin Bay #p006  

The garden shots here,are two of many we've taken over the years. Dublin Bay bloomed early each season and out would come the camera in celebration. The shot on the left was taken with a Kodak, which purpled the red, and darkened the green, while the shot on the right was taken with an Olympus, which yellowed the green.

Dublin Bay rose   File#P1090006

Dublin Bay rose   File#pb100075

Where these two required some manipulation to get the colours closer to correct. If you're having problems with red rose shots, try dropping the exposure while shooting, or desaturating the red with software later. That can help. I also find a little bit of sun can enhance red rose photos, though roses photographed in the sun generally lose detail, look too 'contrasty' and don't appeal to me, no matter what they say is possible.

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