Aglaia rose bush
Yellow Rambler; Hybrid Multiflora; Schmitt 1896; File # 2462


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Aglaia rose bush
Aglaia rose bush File#D2462  

Aglaia rose bush in full bloom arching over a rose walk at Trinity Farm, the wonderful old roses garden created by Lloyd Chapman in Otaki New Zealand.

Aglaia is one of three ramblers, released by Schmitt in or around 1896, each named for the Three Graces of Greek Mythology, the protectors of vegetation. The three sisters live on as, Aglaia ( brightness) - Yellow Rambler, Euphrosyne (joy and mirth) - Pink Rambler, and Thalia (bringer of flowers)-White Rambler.

aglaia rose close up
Aglaia rose #D2411  

Aglaia #  

This healthy near thornless rambler is the result of a cross between Rosa Multiflora and Reve D'Or

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