2:32 p.m. 25/06/2008 A Gorgeous Display Garden of Roses and Catmint


A Gorgeous display garden of Roses and Catmint
San Jose Heritage Rose Garden 2008


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rose garden with catmint
Display Garden at the SJHRG June 2008. File#_D0915; Photographer: Regina

This gorgeous scene taken at the San Jose Heritage Rose garden, demonstates the effectiveness of the perennial Nepeta, commonly known as catmint, as a companion plant for roses. Most every possible rose colour looks wonderful against it. My particular favourite combination is deep red roses backgrounded by Nepeta's rich blue violet hue.

Where every attempt is being made to correctly label the roses in the formal rose beds at the SJHRG, the names of the roses in this display bed are not recorded, as far as we have been able to ascertain.

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