Gene Boerner rose
Class: pink floribunda; Boerner 1968


Gene Boerner rose
Gene Boerner rose pictured with juniper and captured in elusive and beautiful light conditions File# P6230009

While Dr Huey overwhelmingly wins the "award" for Rose Most Often Grown, Gene Boerner is definitely in the running for Rose Surviving Neglect It can frequently be found in the big box stores where its beautifully formed pink blooms ensure that it will be purchased and planted. Its general hardiness means that it often thrives where many a lesser rose dies back to understock. I have two I planted and another which is the sole healthy survivor from earlier owners of my smaller garden.

Gene Boerner bush
Gene Boerner rose bush against garden shed.File#i7790

Gene Boerner blooms in flushes with a very short rebloom cycle. The blooms are a light coral pink, and have perfect hybrid tea form in a two inch wide bloom, lasting well on the bush or in a vase. It is a rose one loves for its health and dependability and for its sheer compact beauty.

Gene Boerner with catmint
Gene Boerner with catmint. File# D4885

Pictures and comment from Christine Reno NV

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