6:31 a.m. 8/07/2008 Just Our Pictures ~ Roses~ William Baffin rose ( explorer series)


William Baffin
Kordesii; Svejda 1983 . Explorer Series, Canada,
Photographer: Regina


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William Baffin rose bush

William Baffin rose, pictured on a misty morning in Ross and Dianne King's garden in the Sierra foothills. Behind and above William Baffin ( the deep pink) is Brother Cadfael with nepata at its feet.

Three Explorer Bushes, File#_d2994
William Baffin rose bush
William Baffin #d3490  

Explorer roses including William Baffin in Christine's garden. She picks up the story ..............

I take my evening wander through the mid-June garden, by Winsome laced with lavender Sweet Pea, from an old seed, dropped there about ten years before. A survivor. Past the Hybrid Perpetuals, not spent but past their best, then by the Hybrid Musks with their mix of delicate little blooms, some a bit old, but mostly fresh. Down the path - a path lined with rock and softened with chipped up rose prunings, to the gazebo with its surround of pastel floribundas. Then over to the Row of Reds - a side by side comparison of ten or so varieties, and across the bare land.

On to the edge, this bit of land still sunny, defined by a rim of bed rock which falls off like a cliff on the far side. And within this rough red rim are the three Explorers.

In the middle, John Franklin, 3 1/2 feet tall by 5 feet, blooms a deep reddish pink, almost red from a distance. Still lots of bloom amid all the spent receptacles. To the left, John Cabot, a deep pink, somewhat near to red when fresh, shading to a mauve-pink with age. To the right, William Baffin.

William Baffin rose
William Baffin File#_d5512

William Baffin #d5526  

William Baffin's blooms are by far the prettiest of the three explorers- a deep mauve-pink with a narrow rim of white surrounding golden stamens. A lovely effect. But William Baffin is also the first one to finish, bearing now only about a quarter as much bloom as the others. They should both get much bigger with time, but four years after planting William Baffin is 4 to 5 feet tall with about an 8 foot spread.

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