Varietal name: JACclam, large flowered climber
Orange pink or salmon pink blooms, Warriner 1976


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America rose; Photographer Susan; File#4236

The coral rose America also seemed like a good idea at the time, though I'm not always certain anymore - it's a bit bright. The concept was to have a few key plants which appear at intervals throughout the garden, giving a sense of continuity, and to transition areas with different color schemes. It does function that way in this area. Bright colors draw the eye from a distance, so I have used them quite a bit in perimeter plantings.

America rose bush
America rose bush in Barbecue Terrace garden.Photographer Christine; File#3895

America is the coral rose in the foreground. From the left: Sage brush, Europeana bush ( red), Lace Cascade ( white),

View of the Lower West Fence Garden with Barbecue Terrace behind me and on the right. Yes, each little area of the garden has a Name. Sometimes the names are rather fanciful, as with the BBQ Terrace. No, there has never been a BBQ there, but at one time it seemed like a promising idea.

Here, three America bushes can be seen on the right - the one in the foreground, another behind with the red climber Dynamite between, and a third way back against the perimeter fence. These bright colors are characteristic of the BBQ Terrace area.

In the left middle ground is Europeana, planted in one of those holes excavated between immovable rocks in a very hot, exposed location. It quite likes this site and is some four feet tall and at least six feet wide. The touches of yellow are Coreopsis.

An eight foot tall Lace Cascade marks the point where the cross fencing meets the perimeter. Hidden behind Europeana, and extending to the left is the Lower West Fence garden. It is a place of quiet colors and restful, shaded repose - creams, pastel yellows and apricots, set off by the rich tones of Hot Cocoa. One of my favorite places in the garden. While the bright colors are wonderful from a distance and draw the viewer in, the quiet bits of garden are the reward.
-Christine- Reno Nevada 2008-

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