Here's to the Bill Warriner rose
Varietal name: JACsur; orange pink cluster flowered floribunda;1996


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Bill Warriner rose.File#8768

Bill Warriner was bred by Keith Zary of Jackson and Perkins 1996 and named for the renowned rose breeder Bill Warriner who died in 1991. The rose's parents 'Sun Flare' and 'Impatient' were both bred by Bill Warriner which is entirely appropriate.

Bill Warriner-rose.File#2534  

Bill Warriner-rose-bush.File#3691

Although we have a lot of good shots of Bill Warriner in our database, and rate it as lovely photographic material, we haven't seen a lot of it other than the plant in Christine's Reno garden. Christine reports that although the rose has produced displays such as those in the pictures above, her plant has not been entirely satisfactory ----------( more to come)

Bill Warriner-rose.File#1367s  
two Bill Warriner-roses.File#p105  

Two of our favorite shots of Bill Warriner. File#P105 is such a sweet composition taken with an early digital camera. The Olympus 320 had some faults including low resolution and a propensity to add yellow to greens, yet it produced some lovely sharp macro images, and was one of the few cameras of its age which could capture reds correctly. All other images on this page are taken with high resolution cameras.

Frozen Bill Warriner roses.File#p04  

Except this one, taken by Christine one extraordinary October morning in 1999. The first frosty breath of winter snap froze the roses, and the rose season came immediately to this beautiful end.

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