Here's to the Blueberry Hill rose
Varietal name:WEKcryplag; mauve blend floribunda;
Bred by Tom Carruth 1997; Large semi double. Parentage: Crystalline by Playgirl


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Blueberry Hill.File#8823

Blueberry Hill

The picture above captures the essence of the Blueberry Hill rose in my opinion. The semi double mauve bloom with darker lilac reverse is unusually attractive. The petal texture is firm enough to hold its form through the life of the bloom. Again, because it is captured here in optimum light, the image glows and looks real.

Blueberry Hill rose bush.File#_p5190030

This shot of a Blueberry Hill rose bush is taken in Christine's garden, Reno Nevada. Although it is healthy here in a dry climate, it is not so disease resistant past its first flush, in humid climates, like that of Auckland new Zealand

Blueberry Hill rose .File#028  

Blueberry Hill rose again.File#8825

File No 028 above was shot with an early digital camera which struggled to reproduce the mauve colour of Blueberry Hill with any vibrancy. I've included this shot here as I like the composition, and because the detail of the bloom and unfurling bud is clearly visible.

Blueberry Hill single bloomFile#pb100090  

Display of Blueberry Hill roses.File#p882  

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