Chevy Chase rose
Chevy Chase rose
Hansen 1939' Deep red hybrid multiflora
File# D3976; R.soulieana ◊ …blouissant. Photographer: Christine

Chevy Chase blooms a bit later than most of my roses and provides a nice splash of color for a fairly long time, even as other roses are passing their prime. That is pretty much the whole list of positives for this rose in my garden. It is borderline hardy here. The late summer eight to ten foot canes will die back to a compact mound of live wood three to four feet tall by spring.

I would not really mind all this die back were it not that it is such a painful rose to work on. The canes grow very close together and are lined with nasty little recurved thorns. Thinning out the growth is a very sticky proposition - no amount of care keeps one from being snagged repeatedly. The old canes quickly become unproductive so the plant needs to be cleaned out way down low, but getting ones hands and tools into the thick clump of old wood is a prickly challenge.

Overall, I find it to be too short on pleasure and too long on pain, with little hope of it ever building into a substantial plant. I suspect it would be far more satisfying, though no less painful, one zone warmer.
- Christine 2008-

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