Crown Princess Margareta rose
AUSwinter, David Austin 2000, apricot blend,strong fruity fragrance,large full blooms. File#d3348


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Crown Princess Margareta

Crown Princess Margareta

I knew when I planted the Austin shrub rose Crown Princess Margareta that I should expect a large plant. Still, I wasn't quite prepared for just how large. This plant went in the ground in August 2007. During the 2008 growing season, the blooms were somewhat undersized and were not very impressive. Now - in June 2009 - the story is unfolding and 'not impressive' will be out of my vocabulary for this rose.

The blooms this year have been larger, with a deeper color. As I crawl down under the plant to clean out the old, twiggy growth, I see strong new canes, indicating that the roots are now happy as can be, deep in the ground. Based on this strong new growth, this is not a plant I would want to try to dig out, much less move. From the new top growth, I suspect roots that are already massive.

Its current size is difficult to estimate as it has pushed into every plant near it, but I can measure 7 feet of sprawling width, and just under five feet of height. With the strong new canes, I expect the height to increase quickly. The sprawl that precedes it seems to be this plant's way of staking out its territory, moving lesser roses out of its way.

And the blooms? They are much better this year, larger, more full, more deeply colored. With the new canes coming now, I expect next year to be better yet. If this is what it is capable of after less than two years, this is no Princess. This is a Queen.

Crown Princess Margareta bush

Crown Princess Margareta bush, File# D3345

~ Photography and comment from Christine, Reno, NV 2009 ~

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