Fragrant Plum

Fragrant Plum
AROplumi ; Jack E. Christensen 1990 grandiflora; strong fragrance; Parentage: Blue Nile * Angel Face
File# IMG_8568; Photographer: Christine

My plant of Fragrant Plum would have every reason to file a Rose Abuse lawsuit against me. First it was callously given away. Then in its new home it was watered inconsistently, then buried in a heavy layer of silt deposited by a flash flood. By the end of that summer it was smothered and dying.

Finally I took pity on it and rescued it, removing the silt and nursing it back to a degree of health. When it went in the ground a year later things looked pretty bleak. But step by step it has recovered in an amazing manner, and two summers later Fragrant Plum is building into wonderful plant.

Last year it produced some promising blooms in singles and threes. This year it has healthy candelabras of bloom. Fragrant Plum seems inclined to grow tall and narrow, and the plentiful blooms hold well in the sun. As befits its name, the fragrance is intense. With a couple more years of growth, I expect this rose to be a stand out. I think it has forgiven me!

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