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Iceberg rose
A selection of our pictures of this popular rose with comment.
White Floribunda. Korbin, Kordes 1958


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Iceberg rose
Iceberg rose captured in lovely filtered light.File#5421

Iceberg rose. Perhaps much of the success of the white rose Iceberg, comes down to its ability to continue to bloom well in less than optimum conditions. The perfect rose for dummies? ;).You see it everywhere; in glorious free flowering mounds; in regimented rows of tree roses, or as the only rose in a front yard It has a free blooming habit, flexible easily trained canes, low incidence of disease, few prickles and the mass of white bloom makes a real impact in a garden.

spray of Iceberg roses
File #_K2762   

This remains one of my favorite pictures, although I'd have wished for slightly better light. Because I don't pose my shots, its a treat to come across a spray of roses, growing naturally in a such a pleasing arrangement. This shot has been used on Wedding invitations and other wedding documents. It was once spotted by an observant reader in a newspaper advertisement. They sent me a copy.

Rosa Iceberg is one of the stars of Christine's garden. It grows to a huge size there. The Iceberg bush on the left of the photo is one of a number dotted about her garden. The rose bush to the right is the David Austin rose, The Pilgrim.

Huge Iceberg-rose-bush
Huge Iceberg Rose Bush File #_#4821

Burgundy Iceberg #2885  

Brilliant Pink Iceberg #D7238  

Burgundy Iceberg on the left and Brilliant Pink iceberg on the right. These 'sports' of Iceberg, were discovered in Australia by Lilia Weatherly. They appear to have the same characteristics as their illustrious parent. Christine finds both Burgundy and Brilliant to be wonderful plants and says, "Give them a bit too much shade and they grow tall and limber, easy to train, and they still bloom non-stop"

Already we've noticed variations within these Iceberg sports. We've photographed Brilliant Pink Iceberg with strange differences in the way the colour displays - sometimes stripes, or blocks of white or the handpainted effect etc. Is there still some mutant gene action going on there? Burgundy Iceberg too; sometimes it has a white reverse. Makes you wonder, what next for the Iceberg Family? See here for another interesting Iceberg relation.

You couldn't go too far wrong planting one or both of them in a grouping with the White parent. They'd bloom at the same time and grow in a sychronised manner.

Iceberg rose with buds
File #_ 6741  

File #_ 0141  

Two lovely Iceberg clusters. From a photography viewpoint, as with many white roses, Iceberg doesn't capture well if the light is too bright. Too much light reflecting from the rose and the detail is lost.

Iceberg tree roses
Iceberg tree roses File# k2182  

And here's a shot of the way these tree roses ( standard roses) are used in formal gardens. A good choice for this situation I believe; they'd bloom many months of the year in a temperate climate.

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