Moody Dream
Class: Shrub, floribunda;MACmoodre; McGredy 1999
Mauve or purple blend. Musk fragrance.


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Moody Dream rose
Moody Dream rose; File# img8604.

Moody Dream had not been a particularly notable rose for me most years, but this year (2008) it has been truly wonderful. It is planted a bit too close to several other lavender roses - Blueberry Hill, Barbra Streisand, and Love Potion are the closest neighbors, and it has tended to just blend in with those roses.

This year it started blooming early, as it typically does, but continued right on with big, showy panicles of bloom for a good six weeks. Throughout the main spring bloom period, and right on into summer, it has been a most lovely and impressive sight.

Moody Dream rose forms a large arching plant, reaching a good eight feet across, about five feet tall. This form is rather lost in the crowded planting in my garden. Were I to plant another, I would allot it plenty of space so the pleasing form of the plant would be better utilized. My plant does have a position with some afternoon shade - whether it would be as good in a fully exposed site I don't know.

Both Moody Dream and its neighbor Blueberry Hill form plump hips which are easy and satisfying to deadhead. Once that is done, both should produce a lovely fall bloom. With the excellent and long lasting early bloom this year, and the fall performance it is now building toward, I have found it to be one of the best performers in my garden this year. -Christine 2008-

Moody Dream
Moody Dream -File# d2804.

I've included this shot for its artistic merit rather than its typicality. I like the form and colour of these aging blooms. The white edges on the purple pink bloom are a point of difference, and although not so obvious here the effect can be quite marked at times. -Susan 2008
See here for a Moody Dream bush in a garden setting.

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