Peace rose
Class: Hybrid Tea; Meilland 1939; Released in the USA in 1945.
Parents include Joanna Hill


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Peace rose. File# P1960

The Peace rose bred by Francis Meilland in Germany at the beginning of World War II and named Peace at the end of the war by Conard Pyle in the USA. This rose is recognised as a symbol of peace and lays claim to being the most well known rose of all time.

The Peace rose with its pale gold, pink edged petals and a bloom that can be 7 inches wide is widely acclaimed. IME it is at its most impressive at first flush when the blooms can be impressively large and more plentiful than the rebloom.

Should you wish to use a Peace rose picture of ours for peace movement activities, feel welcome. Please Contact Us with your request.

MORE PEACE IMAGES and SPORTS OF THE PEACE ROSE (A 'sport' being a genetic mutation.)

Peace 1

Flaming Peace

Chicago Peace
Chicago Peace

Chicago Peace 2

Hybrid Tea

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