Robert Duncan
Class: Hybrid Perpetual;Alexander Dickson II 1897
Pink blend. Pictured in Regina's Reno NV garden


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Robert Duncan rose
Robert Duncan File# 4622

Robert Duncan had a rather tough start here - it took a few years to settle into its spot and start putting on size, forming a very tall slender bush. But it is a rose one tends to love passionately because its blooms are just so heart wrenchingly lovely. A cane in bloom is heavily laden with rich pink cupped flowers which last well on the bush or inside in a vase. There has been some summer repeat though not much, but when blooms are this beautiful even 'not much' seems like enough. If the bush continues to build year by year as it has, the love affair will continue to deepen.

Robert Duncan bush
Robert Duncan Bush -File# D3956.

Robert Duncan rose
Robert Duncan File# 8622

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