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Sexy Rexy. Class:Floribunda; Bred by Sam McGredy IV 1984; Varietal name: MACrexy

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Sexy Rexy rose File#pb150046

Sexy Rexy, another rose we find we photograph over and over. With so many shots we want to share its time for a revamp of our Sexy Rexy rose pages to give them what all roses want, a place in the sun.

Sexy Rexy #  

Sexy Rexy #p12100060  

A showy medium pink floribunda by Sam McGredy, bred from Seapray and Dreaming. Sexy Rexy is known as much for its risque name as its glorious heads of bloom. In my experience Sexy Rexy's first flush of the season is far more impressive than later bloomings.

Most of these shots were taken in New Zealand. Regina reports that her plant in Reno NV Zone 6a/6b is not anything like as great.

Sexy Rexy with clematis General Sikorski #i2248  

Sexy Rexy #pb250051  

Anyone tut-tutting over the name of this rose, might not want to check out the varietal names given to the lovely roses bred by Dickson of Ireland. Irish humour?

Sexy Rexy #d0651  

I look for something special like this when out with the camera - for that magic moment when the blooms arrange themselves into an an exquisite display no florist could emulate.

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