Reba McEntire rose

Reba McEntire rose
Also known as Spirit of Hope ;File#:PA16006 ;Class: Hybrid Tea ;Varietal Name: MAChahei
Photographer: Regina - from her garden

Reba McEntire is a bright tomato red rose bred by Sam McGredy. This is difficult red to capture with a camera , but we are happy with the color here. Its also a tricky color to blend into a garden. I chose to plant my Reba McEntire rose in a grouping of bright yellows and oranges, and needed sunglasses to look in that direction. I chose this for the inspiring name we call it in New Zealand, 'Spirit of Hope' Also because its varietal name MAChahei, connects with a beach we rather like, Hahei

Regina is looking for a spot for hers. Its still in a pot by the junipers, still alive after quite some time there. She has been prompted to finally plant it out when she saw this photograph. In the US, the Reba McEntire rose is named for the well known country singer.

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