Climbing cecile brunner bush

Tiffany with Climbing Cecile Brunner
Climbing Cecile Brunner - Climbing polyanthya. Tiffany - Hybrid Tea; Varietal name: Lindquist 1954
File# D8482: Photographer Susan.2002

Comment from the gardener: This wall of Cl Cecile Brunner faces the neighbors to the east. They say 'good fences make good neighbors' and I can't think of a better fence than one adorned with roses. Fortunately they seem to agree and allow me free access to maintain that portion of the garden from the outside. And accessing this part of the garden from the neighbor's side of the fence is truly essential as I can barely force my way through the jungle these days.

Cl Cecile Brunner is one of those roses that is like a gorilla - what does the gorilla eat? Anything he wants. What does CB eat? All the adjacent roses, and all the pathways. Poor Tiffany used to be a featured player next to the fence. Now it pokes its canes through gaps in the gorilla.

This year I pruned it hard to get rid of the old growth which has been hiding for too many years. I don't even know if the poor thing bloomed this year. It might have lost the fight.

Cecile brunner close up

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