On Bicycles, Vietnam 2010

The Vietnamese love their bikes.
Just look at the inventive ways they use them.


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Vietnam and bikes are synonymous. These days motorbikes rule but push-bikes are far from forgotten. Push-bike 'shops on wheels' may seem quaint and charming to the tourist yet they serve a useful purpose for both trader and buyer. Below are some of the bike 'shops' Christine photographed. From the fish-trap mountain on wheels pictured at a museum, out onto the streets where clothing, bread, houseware, fruit, buckets, toys, straw brooms and more are all sold from a bicycle. Portable kitchens on bikes are a common sight come meal time. There is no end to what you might see on a bike in Vietnam.

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Bread on a bicycle. Vietnam

Buckets and mops on bike

Fishing traps on-bike

Flower shop on a bike

Clothing for sale-on bicycle

Straw goods on wheels.

Houseware shop on bike

Fruit shop on a bike

Toy shop on a bicycle

Live chickens on bike

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