Photographer: Susan.


Thai school kids at Emerald Temple, Bangkok. File#_1421. Photographer: Susan.

Thai school kids at Emerald Temple, Bangkok. Photographer: Susan

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The colourful city of Bangkok should be nirvana for a photographer. The skyline is pierced with glittering symmetrical temple spires, the streets buzz with street stalls and action. Buddhist temples are everywhere - each more grand and gorgeous than the last. Markets of local produce abound. River boats whizz down canals at speed while sky trains thunder overhead. And it is heaven were it not for the all pervading air pollution. You'll see it here in the faint fuzz on all that otherwise shimmering gold. You'll notice the sky is white where it should be blue. You'll feel it in your throat after a day out walking. You'll wish you'd cleaned your camera lens more often. But you'll know it wouldn't have helped.

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Reclining-Giant-Buddha-fingers-and-hair-Bangkok. Photographer: Susan
Reclining-Giant-Buddha-Fingers-and hair. Bangkok.

File# 1491.
Loha Prasat, Bangkok. File# 1322.Photographer: Susan
Loha Prasat, Bangkok.

File# 1322
Giant-Reclining-Buddha Bangkok. Photographer: Susan
Giant-Reclining-Buddha, Bangkok

File# 1476
Horse carridge and signs of spring. File# 2167. Photographer: Susan
Symmetrical-corridors Loha Prabat. Monastry.Bangkok

File# 1330
White-columns-Grand-Palace File# 1390. Photographer: Susan

File# 2167
Forum-near-Loha-Prasat_1319.jpg Temple Spires Bangkok Thai guardians at the Grand Palace.  File#1419 Spires-on-skyline-Bangkok_1495b Mosaic Panels. Bangkok File#1458 Mosaic building patterns-Bangkok_1497 Mural-Grand-Palace-Bangkok_1438b Red-white-black-temple-Bangkok_1514 temple-top_1470b Steps to a temple, Bangkok. File#1501 Jim-Thompsons-house-Bangkok_1361b River-Boats-from-bridge-Bangkok_1345 Sunset-river-Bangkok_1372b Thai costumes Tuk-Tuk-Tummy_1316b Three-Street-Sellers-Khaosan-Rd tuk-tuk-taxis-Bangkok_1289 Market-Vegetables-Bangkok_1277 Golden-Guards-Grand-Palace-Bangkok Street-merchants-KhaosanRd-Bangkok_1544 Garden-near-Loha-Prasat-Bangkok_1510b Symmetry-in-rooftops-Bangkok_1333