Burgundy Iceberg rose

Burgundy Iceberg

Burgundy Iceberg, a burgundy rose with white reverse, a sport of Iceberg,discovered in Australia by Lilia Weatherly. To all extents and purposes,Burgundy Iceberg rose has the same growth and bloom habits of its illustrious parent.
File No NO0695

Regina notes: Two Burgundy Icebergs planted last year, one in full sun, one with significant shade, in a pathside and houseside spot where I will need to shape it very carefully. I had heard that the faded blooms look ugly and I agree with that. I do think it needs attentive deadheading to look its best, but it blooms and blooms and blooms. Fantastic plant! I think it will be better with some shade than it is in full sun because the loveliness will last better.

I also have one more still in the pot. it was already putting roots out from the drainage holes. It is such a vigorous plant. I absolutely love all the Icebergs, and I think Burgundy best of all. See also Brilliant Pink Iceberg

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