General Washington
Class: Hybrid Perpetual;
Louis-Xavier Granger, France 1860; Deep Red.
Sport of Triomphe de l'Exposition Pictured in Regina's Reno NV garden


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General Washington
General Washington File#:N3948

General Washington has a trait which is initially not pleasing - the old blooms age rather quickly and the dark dried petals persist on the bush. But it also has rebloomed well for me two summers in a row now. Because of my annoyance at the appearance of the old blooms, I refused to deadhead it this year. Despite this, it remained the best of my hybrid perpetuals for rebloom in mid-summer.

So no surprise that I am growing very fond of this plant. It has been slow to build size but was big and sprawly enough this summer to allow some fairly heavy cutting back. Will this experiment lead to bloom in fall? I await the answer.

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