Varietal name: AUSgold; shrub; Bred by David Austin 1992; Yellow shrub rose
Parentage:Charles Austin - Abraham Darby, cupped form.


You hear good reports about the Golden Celebration rose although Christine's bush in Reno, Zone 6a/b isn't performing as well as she'd like. She suspects it is planted in too alkaline a soil and says "If that isn't the problem, then I would have to say it hates it here. The blooms just don't have that rich deep golden color nor the fullness. But the leaves look too pale too, so I do think it's the siting. I'd like to try another elsewhere."

We've seen it elsewhere doing very well. Most of these pictures were taken elsewhere ----but for File# 8467 below, shot in Christine's garden.

Golden Celebration

Golden Celebration rose.File#pb230018

Golden Celebration, File# PC10078: Regina

The shot above was taken at Trinity Farm Otaki New Zealand - Golden Celebration with red maple and Erysimum 'Bowles mauve' - Wallflower

Golden Celebration rose .File#pb230040  

Golden Celebration rose with buds.File#8467

Aged Blooms of Golden Celebration at Dusk.File#File# N0187  

Two aged but still lovely blooms of Golden Celebration pictured in the low light of dusk. The purists might argue that I shouldn't post this shot here as the colour is wrong. I call it artistic license.

Colour accuracy is such a difficult thing to nail on the web. There are so many differences in the way cameras record colour. Different browsers, different monitors, different calibratons all add up to an inexact science. And then there's the differences in the colour of blooms because of the heat of the sun or lack of it, or the fading that occurs in some roses as they age. Or perhaps even the inaccuracies of colour perception of the photographer as they try to adjust colour with Photoshop or the like.

We're working toward being close and where we are clearly not, saying so. That's the objective.