2:33 p.m. 25/06/2008 Teasing Georgia - David Austin rose

Teasing Georgia
Varietal Name: AUSbaker, yellow-apricot medium shrub, short climber 1998, Strong fragrance ; Parentage:Charles Austin x seedling.


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Teasing Georgia rose
Teasing Georgia.File#d3767; Photographer: Christine. Comment from Christine - Reno NV. Zone 6a/b

Teasing Georgia has several qualities which I especially love. The color is a wonderfully rich, saturated apricot-yellow which draws me in time after time. I have it planted in a very visible spot adjacent to the driveway. Every time I step out of the front door, I see this rose in the distance. And when it is in bloom, I cannot help but walk over to it, to view it more closely. It doesn't seem to matter that I just did this a half hour before, I will do it again, throughout the day, every day. Most of the roses planted in this area attract my eye, but this one attracts my heart.

Teasing Georgia rose bush
Teasing Georgia rose bush with Eyepaint; File#img0345

The season when Teasing Georgia was first planted, it bloomed fairly well. The second season was pretty much a bust and the third not a lot better. By then I was concerned that I had wasted a very important and visible site on a rose which did not deserve it. Time and maturity have changed all that. It has now been in the ground nearly six years and is a beautiful, arching plant which - as spring turns to early summer - is massively loaded with buds.

Teasing Georgia; File# img859  

Teasing Georgia with Eyepaint; File# img1200  

Georgia was a tease the first few years, but is a tease no longer. I love the color, the plant form and vigor, and the remontancy. In short - everything about it.

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