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Pictures of New Zealand's South Island

Lakes Whakatipu, Manapouri and Doubtful Sound.
Days 16 to 18

Thompson's Tavern
Thompson's Tavern, high over the Shotover river, with its open-air cliff top bathroom, gushing fresh water beer cooler and all, was clearly the most wacky and 'out there' of our overnight stopovers. Hi Dave :) From here it seemed we must break the spell and face the glitz of Queenstown. We were reluctant.

Lake Whakatipu

where nature's colours matched our mood

With eyes only for the lake and mountains, we drove blinkered through the razzamatazz, then meandered up the northern shore of Lake Whakatipu to Glenorchy and the Dart River Valley.

Dart River

A realisation that we were days behind schedule, had us decide we needed miles behind us. Again we closed eyes and drove back through the tourists. Then gleefully we hoofed it through to Fiordland.

Lake Manapouri

And so woke to the tranquility of Manapouri.

Looking down on Doubtful Sound

And a day on boats and buses exploring the lake, the power station, the plants and Doubtful Sound. Not to mention picking up a like spirit who was FOCing around New Zealand. Hi Paula :)

Liverwort smothering damp shady cliff face.

Waterfall in Doubtful Sound

Seals at Ocean End of Doubtful Sound

Blanket Bay Hotel


Take this and multiply by as far as the eye can see

Not any picture we'd ever seen, nor Paula's 'dramaaatic' warning, gave us a hint of the majesty of tomorrow.
And on to Milford
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